Our Team

Mike Burgess CEO (co-founder)

Former Chairman of the Comanche Tribe

Former Tribal Administrator Comanche Nation

Current Dean of the Pawnee Nation College in Oklahoma

Adviser to over 21 tribes in the West and Southwest regions,

as well Southern Canada

Russell Neese VP (co-founder)

Founder of Native Oil LTD. Russell is a full time business consultant specializing in land use opportunities, funding and new business creation amongst Native American tribes and non-Native entities desiring to do business in Indian Country. Russell has extensive experience in the environmental impact programs in the areas of oil spill cleanup and absorbent products.

Curtis Munoz Senior Advisor

Curtis Munoz is a full-blooded Kiowa/Muscogee Creek and a skilled bio-chemist with a deep commitment to native environmental work. He is an alumnus of the Four Directions Research Program at Harvard Medical School. Curtis served on the EPA National Tribal Science Counsel and held the position National Tribal Co-chair. He has been the Environmental Director of the Kiowa Tribe since 2004, and passed his knowledge onto the next generation as an instructor at the Comanche Nation College. Curtis is a leader in aligning western science and Native science in a holistic approach that represents the best of both worlds. He now anchors the scientific team at The Native Oil.