The Native Oil LLC is formed under jurisdiction of the Sac & Fox Nation, Oklahoma.

We are dedicated to the creation of long-term economic development and job creation for Native American Tribes and their citizens.


The company leadership has over 40 years collective experience in creating tribal business opportunities, EPA regulations, Tribal law, land use management, funding, grants, equipment, leasing, joint ventures and third party corporate sponsorship.


The Native Oil is creating and implementing long-term economic and entrepreneurial opportunities for Native American Tribes and their citizens in conjunction with non-Native investors, start-ups, and private entities in the areas of land use, agriculture, Cannabis and Hemp from seed to sale, processing, project funding. We are always on the lookout for disruptive technologies with the potential for long-tern economic gain and job creation for Native Americans and non-tribal partners.

Our collective mission is to harness the power of disruptive ideas and technologies to level the playing field between mainstream corporate American and Sovereign Native Nations.

The Native Oil is creating long-term income opportunities for our tribal partners, and then managing those programs from development and funding through operational completion.

Our primary geographic strengths are the Indian Nations located in the Mid-West, Plains, South West, Pacific North West and Western United States as well as the Seminole Nation in Florida and the North Eastern States.


Our primary goal is to establish and entrench our tribal partners as market leaders in the areas of land use, agriculture, Cannabis and Hemp, project funding.

Members of our team have been working directly with tribal agency leaders to develop on-reservation operations as long term business opportunities which take advantage of market need, lack of EPA regulations, abundant land use opportunities, existing labor market and easy access to funding. Our goal is to secure a minimum of 25 contracts with Tribal entities by June of 2021.